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Child Care Employment Database

As an owner of a child care centre, we know that finding qualified staff is no easy task. The process of hiring staff is ongoing, with staff entitled to a minimum of 10 sick days a year and 4 weeks annual leave not to mention when staff move on to other jobs, become ill, or take maternity leave. Educators with an early childhood career skill set are hard to find, often we advertise in local papers, internet sites and as a quick expensive fix, we sometimes resort to child care employment agencies. But this type of ad hoc employment strategy is only a stop gap solution, and not a particularly sustainable one, given the high cost of using an agency, so seeing an industry need for a reliable source of staff, we created this database.

A Valuable Resource

Find A Child Care Educator gives you comprehensive access to a database of qualified childcare staff in your area ranging from Certificate III, Early Childhood Teachers, Diplomas and overseas educators in a way that traditional agencies never could.

Each educator has his or her own profile, and this can be viewed for free. Simply enter your child care centre’s postcode to view educators in your area. So whether you’re on the Gold Coast or in Sydney, you have a reliable source of childcare employment that comes without the high cost of agencies. If you like what you see, you can subscribe for 3 months at a cost of $250. This will give you instant access to the educators’ email address and contact details.

We suggest you contact the educators by phone or email. Arrange interviews for full time candidates or build a relief list for those unpredictable days.


Early Childhood Careers

Are you a childcare professional looking to further your career with new opportunities outside of an agency? If so then signing up to our database is great alternative to traditional childcare employment agencies. Those looking for child care jobs no longer have to go through an agency middle man, as childcare centres will contact you directly from our database, making it easier for you to find a centre that matches your early childhood career ambitions.